Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi everyone! My name is Winnie and I currently live in Canada. Today is the last of 2010 and tomorrow shall be a new start! One of my new year's resolutions would be continuing this blog no matter what!(well at least till next year)

I'll be writing both in English and Mandarin, but bare with me for those who can actually read Chinese, because I am terrible at it.

你好,我的名字是Winnie,现在住在加拿大。 今天是2010的最后一天, 然后明天就将是一个重新的开始!这一次,我定的新年计划其中包括要把这个帖子一直写下去,起码到明年.

我会同时写英文和中文, 但如果你有些时后没法理解我的话, 我现在就跟你说个对不起因为我的中文实在是不太好.

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