Pecan nuts
Craisins (dried cranberries)
Avocado slices
Korean rice vinegar

This is a one of a kind snack that is good for the tongue, body...and the soul <3
It's so good it never fails to impress me.


Being an Asian who happens to live in a family that loves food... eats hot pot all the time. For example, we just had one in the middle of July for lunch in our backyard. I don't know what our neighbors think of us, but typing this down just makes me realize that my family is a little crazy. Sometimes.  Despite the fact that this sounds outrageous, it was delicious. Admit it, even you want to try...


Had a lazy morning: Woke up at ten and realized that there was no way I can get anything done today. It's Sunday, I am suppose to give myself a mental break...But after grabbing some bites of these little delicious darlings ( <--that's my failed attempt at replacing the exact shushi names since I have no idea what they are called, with other fancy adj/noun), I am now ready to roll ;p

                                After realizing that I had more and more photos about food, I decided to add an additional page for it. This page is dedicated to my parents who always have a love for food. I guess Asian and food just go well together. 

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